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Floods are actually the most occurring disaster in the United States.

About Louisiana Flood Insurance

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Louisiana Flood insurance was established to aid with the rising need for flood insurance. Many property owners are unaware that damages incurred from flood events are not typically covered by homeowners insurance policies; because of this, homes and businesses are not protected when flood damage occurs unless they carry a separate flood insurance policy. Louisiana Flood Insurance was founded after severe flooding occurred in the Melbourne, Florida, area - where its parent company, National Flood Insurance, LLC, is based - following Tropical Storm Fay in 2008. After the flood waters receded, it quickly became apparent that flood insurance coverage was sorely needed, and the company began expanding to states beyond Florida.

In 2010, Louisiana Flood Insurance opened shop, and prides itself on being a leader in the flood insurance industry. The flood insurance specialists at Louisiana Flood Insurance strive to make purchasing flood insurance coverage hassle-free though education and efficient customer service to the property and business owners who make Louisiana their home. With the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, it is apparent that there is a great need to not only protect lives, but to also ensure that valuable material assets are also safeguarded.


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Why Is There Such a Need for Flood Insurance?

Hurricane Preperation

All too often, flood insurance is overlooked when purchasing a home or business. In Louisiana, it is extremely important to include it among the top priorities. This is especially true for those who live in areas like Baton Rouge and New Orleans both of which sit well below sea level. This does not mean that other areas aren't in flood zones. Louisiana, like many other states along the Gulf Coast, is no stranger to hurricanes and flood events. With every hurricane season comes the risk of potentially disastrous flooding due to not only hurricanes, but heavy storms and river flooding, as well. Less than a month after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita worsened the damage with a storm surge that topped levees and shoved water further inland, flooding many parishes and cities, including Lake Charles, Houma, and Cameron Parish.

In Louisiana, home and business owners alike are hopefully aware that a severe rainstorm can produce excessive rainfall and flooding which may cause large-scale damage to one's home, condo, or business. But it doesn't take flooding of great magnitude to cause extensive damage - in fact, as little as an inch of water can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damage, which can take months or sometimes years to repair. In addition to the costs of direct flood damage, property owners should also bear in mind the secondary costs that can accompany flood events. These may include temporary housing or business locations as well as lost revenue. All of these costs can add up quickly.

The time to give flood insurance coverage serious thought is before a flood event happens. Louisiana Flood Insurance endeavors to convey to renters, homeowners, and business owners that flood insurance is an independent part of a homeowners insurance policy and that it must be purchased separately in order to protect your most valuable material assets from flood damage.

Louisiana Flood Insurance and its dedicated agents are also committed to helping Louisiana residents safeguard their lives by providing education and addressing not only the flood insurance basics, but clarifying the common misconceptions as well.

Navigating the complexities of flood insurance doesn't have to be stressful. Please call 1-888-900-0404 to speak with an expert flood insurance agent and receive a complimentary consultation which includes a flood zone determination for your home or business, a flood insurance quote, and to have all of your questions and concerns addressed. Please don't risk not having flood insurance. Protect your properties and call today!

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